the take away tape 16. 16 april 09. playlist.

james pants – we’re through / welcome (stones throw)
kids on tv – cock wolves / mixing business with pleasure (chicks on speed)
die goldenen zitronen – das sag ich dir nicht / lenin (buback)
lesbians on ecstasy – party time (a womyn’s luv) / s/t (alien 8)
sarah webster fabio – glimpses / boss soul: 12 poems by sarah webster fabionsmithsonian folk recordings
les georges leningrad – monster klaw. split with die monitr batsss (5 rue christine)
die tödliche doris – die schuldstruktur (zick zack)
die tödliche doris – kavaliere (zick zack)
people like us & ergo phizmiz – beyond perpetuum .honeysuckle boulevard (self published)
black to comm - either „negative volumes“ or „m.b. memorial bueiling“ / fractial hair geometry (dekorder)
troy geary – iris / brooklyn beats
melt banana – we will rock you / dynamite with a laserbeam: queen as heard through the meat grinder of three one g (three one g)
jason forrest – lady fantasy / lady fantasy ep (sonig)
jason forrest – the lure of you (featunring margareth kammerer) / lady fantasy ep (sonig)
the pop group – beyoond good and evil / y (warner)
el guape – ocean and sky / fake french (dischord)
madvillain – raid / madvillany (stones throw)
aids wolf – spit tastes like metall / the lovvers lp (skin graft records)
daniel benavente – pickback indian (currently processing)
dj scotch egg – scotch forrest (krissrecords)
the bug – polticians & paedophiles/ presure (klein records)
delien – new sequence / ‚aon’ ep (low res records)
yellowman – bam bam / dancehall (soul jazz)
princess mc – pump up the funk (big fat music)
istari lasterfahrer – infokalypse from LP „infokalypse“ (sozialistischer plattenbau)
numbers – mechnanical life / life (tigerbeat 6)
ackie – call me rambo (heavyweight)

download: xbcvnbxvc