the take away tape 24. 18 june 09. playlist.

guest mixtape by guy lochhead
386 DX - рок-н-ролл мертв
applied communications - echo boom
noise/girl - discopathology
jud jud - x dive bomb song x
rad conservative - over much before the fat lady
ethel smith - tico tico
zuzuka poderosa - mas come você (sujinho remix)
i haunt wizards - that's a nice dress
kiiiiiii - hammock
pete um - that's too close
gunslinger-r - chiyo3
teeth!!!! - dead boys
reset sakrecoer - laikablues
pffr - sparse party
prurient - earthworks
the goslings - mandy
turbo blip - tv dan mimpi
lesbians on ecstacy - alone in madness
deaddoginblackbag - uncle kevin
yellow elephant - love in a teacup
suicide - keep your dreams
spinach - pirates
interior - ponies
my penis is made of dogshit - unironic gay dance party
hecuba - miles away
casiotone for the painfully alone - oh contessa
naomi sample - living auf a satellite
cacat nada - ikik
boris policeband - tow away
talk to animals - skulls
dan deacon - aerosmith layer

download: cnbvncb