the take away tape 31. 12 november 2009. playlist.

guest mixtape by mr. mixtape guy lochhead
oskar sala – fanfare
washington philips – denomination blues part 1
boggins – university
young marble giants – salad days
catpower – bathsphere
rajit – looks like we made it
office building – pubic hair (for s.p.)
cassette boy ¬– the crime busters of the sea
the creed taylor orchestra – the crank
madvillain – figaro
thirstin howl III – john they’re stealing part 1
the looneytunes– chicken wings
company flow – population control
grand nutz da ladies man – you make me wanna
paul rubenstein & PS 228 – this is so great
the rolling scabs – guiliano’s dream/my mom smokes pot
old skull – james
unit 3 with venus – B.O.Y.S.
spotch forcey – frustré
carla bley & the jazz composer’s orchestra – slow dance (transductory music)
vita noctis – hade
sudeten creche – are kisses out of fashion?
the touch tone tuners – jocko homo
kompleta – mrs sheeva
tara cross – pk-15
idol death – sticky death
massive stereo sellout – hope
silver apples – i have known love
burka band – no burka!
troy rainey – tricky tee rap
moondog – dance rehearsal
mf doom – dead bent
mf grimm – break em off
gang gang dance – interlude (no known home)
hudson mohawke – gluetooth

download: sjdgfksgd