the take away tape 45. 8 april 2010.

noisy pig mini-special:
3 songs from the recently released REPLICA EP:
action action
hula hula (tec no version)

a beautiful lotus
guest mixtape

sorry so late

sangre verde
super thrash aquatica
blood on the 80s butt
el primer dia
a cluster fuck of chuck
diary of a scene girl
fun forms of flattery
the parody
thrills, pills, and chills
detuned love swan
Egyptian hairdresser school
rick moranis as plant food
in da club...doin hoes
the makeup lady
big ole lazyee synthkabob
Transylvania blood fountain
frozen in a paradox
childs song
check this out
nymphos need the noodle
through a time warp
redrum is murder v.1.2
the hit before success
myspace in real life
another myspace song
the plane comes crashing
forever metal
oh! a breakdown
so very lost [feat.blazar]
octohairsenn dlux
le zombie wife
on an island
serenata roja
(all songs by A BEAUTIFUL LOTUS)

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a beautiful lotus:

noisy pig: