the take away tape 46. 15 april 2010.

noisy pig
guest mixtape

molly nilsson - when i whisper in my hear
kevin blechdom - the jellyfish and the porcupine
phon.o feat kevin blechdom - Trick or Treat (Radio Edit)
dat politics - pie
stereo total - (the ghost song of the new record)
sportsday megaphone - meet me in the middle
bis- Team Theme
julie ruin- Stay Monkey
bikini kill- anti-pleasure dissertation
free kitten - piabo who
frumpies- weird machine
god is my co-pilot- kiss and tell
erase errata - white horse
deerhoof- flower
ooioo - right and ponk
lady gaga - bad romance
zeek sheck - ad/dc
unwound - meet the plastic
stereolab - orgiastic
daniel johnston - mountain top

fadt fanfare

gamel eb
gargant gling wave
les buches
petites guitare
psycho dick presley
hard rock café prune
(all songs by FADT FANFARE)

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