the take away tape 54. anfang juli. playlist:

modern witch – your life a movie
modern witch – lightsp33d
modern witch – nothing is wrong
mater suspiria vision – ritualz of the crack witches
mater suspiria vision – seduction of the armageddon witches
lady gaga – alejandro (mater suspiria vision mindfuck remix)
epee du bois – title unknown
epee du bois – exits
epee du bois – no trees
oOoOO – no summer for you
oOoOO – seaww
oOoOO – hearts
ectoplasm girls – ectoplasm girls (wonderland remix)
ectoplasm girls – ectoplasm girls
ectoplasm girls – if your mother asks
GR†LLGR†LL – ...sLOwLickiN... (wayne)
GR†LLGR†LL – ...i'm gonna dress in black/THEM
diamond black hearted boy – adam gave eve
diamond black hearted boy – shut up feat. zahra latif
diamond black hearted boy – title unknown
aids-3D – hometree is gone
aids-3D – miraj atlantis
aids-3D – cry for u
stalker – prelude
stalker – mxswag
_______N _______ – C4N+H4NDL3
_______N _______ – SOL4R1Z
_______N _______ – NEONWAVES

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