the take away tape 57. 22 november 2010

summer furz mixtape

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"Unicorn Hard-on - Your Many Furry Faces
-side a from cassette of the same name
Form A Log - Digital Duck -Philadelphia power trio of Noah (also of Social Junk, Night Burger), Rick (also of New Flesh, Female Topics), and Ren (also of God Willing). New 7" out on Spleen Coffin.
Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin - Pharoahs Trillium -track from the minimal techno inspired double cassette Fake Sound Routine out now on I JUST LIVE HERE.
Phonebooks - P.C. Games - Denver electronic magicians have an entire album you can download HERE!
HNY - Strange Medicine in the Desert - Heather (also of Social Junk) has the voice of an angel broken down into a million sugar crystals, it makes the hairs on your arm stand up. You should send her a message and tell her to release MORE MORE MORE! There is also a music video I made for this song.
Unicorn Hard-on - Magic Sand (UHO 2010 version) - I used to be in a band called Val + Gina Tron, like 10 years ago with a BFF. We used to write songs about William S. Burroughs and unicorns and shit like that. Every once in a while one will pop into my head taunting me with silly beats and smart rhymes. This is a version of one of those songs.
Coppertone - Cherry Picking - Sasha Wiseman was one of the first women I met who made strange music like I did. She set up female noise fests in Providence, RI and played in the band Heart2Heart. Then she started making plays... And electronics... And baked goods... She moved to Los Angeles and now makes some of the sickest synth pop music I've ever heard. Her website.
Pictureplane - Boys in Blush - Travis is an international playboy. He lives in Denver (although I think he actually lives IN AN AIRPLANE). I felt like I was the last person to hear Dark Rift, but I've definitely made up for lost time. This is probably my favorite track off it.
Wet Mango - Drip and Slip - Jonathan from Captain Ahab sent me some tracks from this band a while ago because he knew it was my kind of jam. TOTALLY RIGHT. Cristina Irene Fuentes uses gameboys and synths to create music for all your dirty dancing pleasures. She is going on tour in August. Check her out here for more info and tour dates.
Container - Proportions - This is Ren's minimal techno project. It inspired a release on his label I JUST LIVE HERE involving 17 bands on 2 cassettes called Fake Sound Routine. MASSIVE CHILL ZONE! He also has a sick food blog."

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