the take away tape 61. 17 january 2011

unbelievably amazing + most beloved

GR†LLGR†LLthethird - Nr.1
T. Wayne East - My Auto Tune Song feat. Optimus Prime
O F F/GR†LLGR†LL - CrackedEmo (GG-Edit)
Samia - Glow Plug Pop
Riskay feat: Aviance & Real Produced by DJ Quest - Smell Yo Dick (dirty)
GR†LLGR†LLthethird - HEAD (boy lokka here...nothing to be gained)
Dilan SlowHead - Terence Mckenna 1
Cuncordu & Ernst Reijseger - A Una Rosa
Ten In The Swear Jar - Melon
BornWrong - FirstBlood
O F F - Disenchantedfairytale
Kria Brekkan - Solush
African Head Charge - Ethiopian Praises
Exuma - Dambala
Shamans From Russian Baikal - Untitled(?)
Pearls Before Swine - Sail Away (Album Version)
Dilan SlowHead - Terence Mckenna 2
Dj Hvad - Zuffer
Dilan SlowHead - We Don't Try (Chris Garneau)
Dustpan - Caught In Flashlight
Native American Ethnographic Recordings - Funeral Song
Estasy - Buried Me
Teeadora - Praise The Holy Ghost
Yung Nazty - The End Of Me Real/SingAlongKaraoke (Sibylle Bayer)
Noca - I Kno
1990 - En Gang Ãgde Vi Hele Jorden
Dilan SlowHead - Maybe Not (Cat Power)
Dj Yung Bukkake - Yellows Love Wellness Refix Yeow Underground
Dilan SlowHead - Terence Mckenna 3
GR†LLGR†LLthethird - GG untitled.Instru.


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