the take away tape 71. 9 may 2011

dj franz beckenbauer

Z.S.K.A: Keinen Teddybär
Gran Nutz Da Ladies Man: You Make Me Wanna
Ingrid Caven: Der Andere
The Shaggs: My Companion
unknown artist: Laisse Tomber Les Filles
Young Cream: title unknown
Anti-Pop Consortium: Focused
Madlib: Herb Vendor
People Like Us: Soul Fool
Kiiiiiii: Words of Wisdom
Gtuk: title unknown
Josstintimberlake: Afid Acis
OVE NAXX: title unknown
Unsexy Nerd Ponies: Sonic Sex
Unsexy Nerd Ponies: New Youth
Aelters: Pal-Xmas Cheap Gift
Cannibal Party: The Austronaut That Farted Inside His Suit
Picnic Kibun: Mawashite (Graqc rmx)
Food For Animals: Virgogo
Wobbly: Europe
Erik Scott: title unknown
Pete Um: Curse The Calm For The Storm
Helge Schneider: Im Bett
artist unknown: If It's Love You Want
Geneva Jacuzzi: Human Head
Moondog: Death, When You Come To Me
OLAibi: 3suits
artist unknown: A Gugu Dance (from the album: Papua New Guinea 1904 - 1909)
Red Coffee (Quacky The Singing Duck): Ducky Christmas
Perrey & Kingsley: Gossipo Perpetuo
Gablé: Puree Hio Hop
Juiceboxxx: Runnin'
artists unknown: When My Lover Comes Home (from: Mississippi Records MRC - Vol 12: A Litte Bit Of Hurt)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte: Struktur VII: Page 12
Eric Copeland: FKD
Tomutonttu: title unknown
No Bra: She Was A Butcher
Dynasty Handbag: In My Dreams
These Are Powers: Creme Teeth
Blanketship & Qulfus: I'm Coming Out
Tracy Lee Summers: Preuve
Moondog: Organ Rounds
Kría Brekkan: Place Of You
Xiu Xiu: He Need Me (Nina Simone Cover)

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