1. Le Tigre: They Want Us to Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues
2. Nero's Day At Disneyland: Probably End Up In A Ditch Somewhere
3. Doddodo: Hxcx Death
4. Mark Boombastik: Putzen
5. Teengirl Fantasy: Hoop Dreams
6. Bunny Rabbit: Dirty Things
7. Doddodo: She Sing Slime Song
8. Germlin: Youth Pixel (feat. DJ Scotch Egg)
9. Pictureplane: Trance Doll
10. Siriusmo: Einmal In Der Woche Schreien
11. Hudson Mohawke: ZOOOm00OOm
12. Nero's Day At Disneyland: Shy (Food For Animals / Nero's Day At Disneylamd Cash Check Or Money Order Edit)
13. kim Y0un9 iLL: northside junt mix NO 3
14. NIKE7UP: Hold It Against Me NIKE7UP Help I'm Trapped In A Body Remix
15. Tyler, The Creator: Bastard
16. Chino Amobi: No means Noh
17. Unsexy Nerd Ponies: Night Vision Pussy
18. Unicorn Hard-On: Persian Cats
19. Eve Massacre: Dance To The Sound Of Unity
20. Hawnay Troof: Underneath The Ocean
21. Tropika Matta: La Température
22. DJ Yung Bukkake: CIARA OH feat. Ludabent
23. Gelú-Six: In The Building
24. Die Antwoord: Rich Bich
25. Kikifruit
26. Istari Lasterfahrer: Think Negative Act Positive
27. Fadt Fanfare: Hardrockcafeprune
28. Ben et Béné: Robobarge
29. Laisse tomber les filles
30. Untold: Fly Girls
31. Lady Sovereign: I Got The Goods
32. Leila: Little Acorns (feat. Khemal & Thaon Richardson)
33. Tom Tom Tom Boy: Fascination Street (feat. Metronomy)
34. Metronomy: My Heart Rate Rapid (Maton Remix)
35. MEN: Of Our Backs
36. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Waulking Song
37. Oyenze: Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
38. Cindy Sizer: Dirty Life
39. Pilocka Krach: Sesam
40. Mama: Horses
41. Mapei: Video Vixens
42. Planningtorock: Living It Out
43. Yo! Majesty: Take It Away
44. Nkata Mawewe: Khulumani
45. Mapei / Spank Rock: Public Enemy
46. Picnic Kibun: Drop Your Panties (DJ Spectro Remix)
47. Felix Kubin feat. Mark Boombastik: Stelle am Mund (T.Raumschmiere Remix)
48. De!nial: Underware Of Curse
49. Sexy Sushi: Sexy Ghetto
50. Diplo: Must Be A Devil
51. Eats Tapes: Face Shredder
52. Uoki-Toki: Drink
53. Fcknburritos: Specialized
54. Eat Rabbit: Bouncing Tale
56. Ove Naxx: Fitness Club At Big Bang Rave Party The Gabba House DJ Toecutter
57. Diplo (feat. Dead Prez): Dip Hop
58. Bunny Rabbit: Saddle Up
59. Phon.o: Trick Or Treat
60. Fagget Fairys: Feed The Horse
61. Angie Reed: Tripple Nipple
62. Kap Bambino: Daddy
63. Niwouinwouin: My Heart Belongs To Daddy
64. Bonaparte: My Horse Likes You
65. Gay Against You: Bicentennial Nuggets
66. Kraus & Sohn: Beim Dicken Wirt In Der Alten Laterne
67. I.E.: Party In The 909
68. DJ HVAD: Zuffer
69. Kania Tieffer: I Am Old
70. Gravy Train!!!: You Made Me Gay

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