the take away tape 52. 27 may 2010.

mixtape by alice mcfarlane + benedictine curtain

lucrate milk – ricos
lucrate milk – monsieur phoque
lucrate milk – darling husband
lucrate milk – she told me about leeds permanent building society
attwenger – rahm
dj rainbow ejaculation –
deutscher kaiser – danse
samoa park – tubular affair
minimal man – cheap motel
minimal man – i can see
minimal man – sex teacher
no bra – new girls
no bra – voodoo
asa-chang & junray – parlor
UFO or die – karate party
UFO or die – my germ is big
felix kubin – alle süchtigen landen in der hölle
happy flowers – mom, i gave the cat some acid
thrush metal – executioner
black dice – printed paper
black dice – lambs like fruit
black dice – new design
black dice – rereading
black dice – ball
black dice – peace in the valley
pterodactyl – no relations
julie ruin – i wanna know what love is
artist unknown – chewa yodelled song
food for animals – shy (nero's day at disneyland rmx)
OLAibi – kirim
OLAibi – phill
angus maclise – loft collage

download: 676767676