the take away tape 53. 3 june 2010.

mixtape by benjamin floss + benedictine curtain

klement - william it was really nothing
gr8-2000 - vyperface
error.error - akihabara phantom killer
telepathe - so fine
computadora feliz - title unknown
440hz- BABY
uoki-toki - cyberfunk
HAUNTED BEARD - life time
tooth farmer - outside in the dirt
wobbly - let me know
shout out out out out - bad choices
les robots musiques - taigaga bouncing
gobble gobble - lawn knives
monster zoku onsomb! - frankin'stein
cat! - photogenic memory
namshub of enki - pregnant with ooze
sabat machines - sylvia
keepaway - yellow wings
error23 - title unknown
elvis trauma centre - trauma theme
gtuk - it wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t that monolith!

download: 5768576857